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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  September 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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afirm grip of the mune community tonight. -- community tonight. and one of those cases disturbing after a child was found juandering wandering from the scene. -- we are live tonight in akron with what that child. what did you find out? >> reporter: akron police tell me the 3-year-old wandered off. they are calling a bad batch of heroin here in accon. >> the call business gan earlier this evening in the park lot and a pick up drive hit a
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was passed -- police on the scenes he was passed out and he midit out alive but with serious burns. >> another in the parking lots of a dairy kwic on britain road. count they responded to at least 24 over dose calls and >> tonight there is no conformed over dose death but there were 4 last night and bringing the total to this year 112 deathsp live in akron. -- deaths and live in akron. >> we get back thighs image scene across the country -- this image and scene across the
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according to the facebook page will be taken care of by other family members and the police chief are talking about that controversial image. >> few people even know about them. the drug problem came in a head. >> it is hev where and you have -- ever where you have people who are dying it is nonstop. >> and that is why they that now imfumous picture: we discussed this and we talked to the prosecutors and. >> we blurred the the child's face. and blurring it, it misss the point. you f you blur it out it loses the impact.
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help. >> the fact that that child's face is not blurred that is a moment of time in his childhood that will be forever frozen for everyone to see here forward. >> stigma a lot of times add to the shame, and it is keeping them from seeking help. jidon't want to don't want to admit they have a problem. >> children are having so much exposure to drugs they are taking action. one district made a 15 minute educational video they have showing to students grade 4-12. the first time could be your last. and focusing on the dangers of what knowing what the drug can be mixed with. one paramedic explained how
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when the formula is always changing. >> it is ever where and they are becoming more clever with what they mix it with and they are fighting us. the easier we can fix something and they miss it with something we can't fx. >> state law makevers calling to have a public health emergency. >> with the heroin epidemic one police least 50 people. in this under cover operation many of them admitted to shop lifting to help pay for their heroin habit. and the latest arrest after a pair tried steal 22 pairs of genes from a local target. >> they are break-in houses and stealing from family members and they found it is easier to
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able to recover more the somedash some of the stolen goods. >> just to our west. tornadoes touching down near champagne. illinois and right here is where we have this guy. there is a lot of damage here. and just by looking at this. it looks like a healthy e f 3 on the ground. and aawhile back. and we will not have any tonight. but saw veer weatherser a -- severe weather is a distinct possibility on your day tomorrow. a lot of ground cover and the haze and humidity.
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and 73 in canton and once again. look at these thunderstorms lining up they are moving toward the north and east and they will be coming your way. and mine, as we head through our saturday. so we have a severe weather risk out for most of the viewing area for the afternoon and evening tomorrow. for damaging state line winds primaryly. >> same area. isolated thunder and temps in the lower 70s. i will show you the window for thunderstorms coming up. a man wanted in connection with a double homicide has been arrested. he was taken into custody in atlanta and he may have played a
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witherspoon and it hand with several kids in the home. >> a man was indiet on murder anding a re -- inindicted on murder. several of the friends and previously told us he suffered from pt st. d and will be arraigned wednesday. a routine traffic stop brought a large off the streets. ohio state troupers say they took a man into custody after he had 92 pound of marijuana in the car. the value is just over $2 hundred thousand. >> toxic dust may have made some down town cleveland workers sick. 9 works that social security
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reported nausea and diarrhea and, and a new state report shows it may have been blamed on toxic dust for out door treatment that was sprayed inside. workers have concerned members of the public were also exposed. >> you want people to know. >> correct. they have a right to know. i would have a right to know if i why. >> the social security administration is working with workers comclaims to figure out what to do next. >> the nations largest bank is scrambling tonight after a follow they found it's employees setup 2 million fake accounts the customers didn't ask for so
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the employees were trying to meet goals. >> consumevers to be able to trust -- consumers have to be able to trust their bank j over 5 thousand people were fired. they lowered their sales goal since they accounts were discovered. they will pay fines and refunds to con troversey around donald trump and how he ended up on a russian show. feeling lucky tonight? there is an alley that has a million bucks up for grabs. >> up to water loo and these are headed your way, and the window of opportunity for severe
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trump's praise of putin is stirring up controversy tonight. >> he gave an interview to a russian television station and
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>> sitting down with foreign expert policy in new york. >> the main con vursation was ices and other threats -- >> a lot of people wonder if i will get the evangelicals. and i will make it up to you. >> reporter: the clinton russia tew talk the republicans judgment. >> every day is more and more of a reality television storey. and it is not a serious presidential campaign. >> first the comments on nbc. >> he has been a leader far more than ours has.
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piece of russia. and and thing it is like unly and the democrats are putting that out. >> his campaign said he did that interview thinking for his friends pod cast and did want know it would be russian television. it is another bizarre twist. >> the love that donald trump is showing toward putin rushens is unprecedented. -- russian it unprecedented. >> both will pause on sunday and the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> 17 years ago kim decided her diagnosis might weaken her body but not her spirit. so the loved radio personality
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affects of ms and the care and treatment of the disease. sellers spoke with us today about motivated her and shot important to those living with ms. >> more than anything, i want a sense of normalcy. and they want to continue to live. and that is what i am here to do. to let them know this is not the death sentence. this is your time to shine. >> and there will be lots sunshine at the foundations stainth gala tomorrow height -- 17th gala tomorrow night. >> thousands of people are block to a rural ohio imvillage for -- village for hopes to be millen area. >> that would be nice.
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clicked to 1 point 5 -- climbinged to won point $5 million. >> you pull the king of hearts and my heart stopped and i saw a face card with a heart ton. i can't wait to see the reaction of the people who win this. >> well the winner must aattend the drawing to within most of it and it is this be reporting on a winner. >> just waiting for us to show up. >> we need to go bowling. >> how much is a ticket? >> probably about 100 dollar. >> let's go bowling. >> mother nature will do some boweling tomorrow.
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and i am urworried about heavy rainfall. we are dry and should stay dprie the next few hours i -- dry for the next few hours. 71 degrees and 73 in downtown and 72 in bedford and we will zoom on out and at rob powers. just canton; so, it is just a little bung alow. so mansfield. ground clutter. no rain. there is 71 in mansfield. and 67 in ashtabula. and tumps will however where they are. -- temps hover where they are. but they are moving primary most
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and move right up over detroit and they will fade out over night but catch us round sunrise . so your hour by hour. we will see a couple of isolated showers and try to pop up. here we go aalong the lake shore but we spind lot of the morning hours dry. -- spend a lot i am expecting upper 80s and a few of you could touch 90 and this front comes rumbling through and damaging winds and flooding rain. your hour by hour. your window for strong to severe storm severes storm business between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and why
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sunday forecast. so saturday, between about 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. hail, and dime to quarter size. a small chance for that. mainly a damaging straight line wind threat. 60 plus miles per how i the gully washer rain that stopped you from driving and you to the pull over and slow down. keep an eye out for that kind of rainfall with flash flooding. tomorrow late afternoon and facebook live and storm tracking for. you keep your storm shield ap up. afternoon strong storms. and maybe an isolated in the morning. we will go 86-88 and strong
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dry and cooler. sunday 73 and back in the 80s monday and tuesday and another fall like cool down. by the middle of next week. >> reporter: the minnesota twins and my in the air and -- >> mike is on a tear and his third home run this week duffy doesn't like it. the magic number is now 17, we are days a way from the season opener against filly there are a lot of rookies. and 13 on the active rostter the boys will become men.
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understand the work ethic. and the nfl proplayer and what the takes to win. and the proof is in we have to go win. that is, all there is left to do and that is where my mind is all of the time. >> and don't forget we have your covered. the all new dogs on the and 11:35 we will wrap it up. ohio state plays tulsa and despite store 77 last week squeaks scoring 77 -- scoring 77
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>> and very talented receivers and a decoordinators that is sound on defense and do a nice job. >> and you know the buckeyes play right here tomorrow at 3:30. we will have a full wrap on the ohio state game and post game immediate lee following. you know what is next? you know? it is the do
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0 week three of the five on
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here. >> widely scattered darkness is my plan. this is a play off preview. bulldogs, and connect with logan, the lowing it will lead to a 19-yard field goal attempt and with the block on the 4th threatening toward joe, he was great last year and continues to be great this year. and up by a field go. 13-10. so in one last chance. 4th quarter. tyler completes the pass and can't hang on to the ball and the bulldogs pick up the win. winner. >> the last night as they
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football? there it is. a little zigzag and the bees answer back. hooks up with steve, for the score to knock the game up at 77. and the blew devils want their lead back. up the middle and runs with a 14-7 lead and won this in time. >> -- demons. hosting. party at nelson. take it to the house. 13 a yard touch down run. and second quarter. kicking up and if you like it and there we go, 90-yard kick off return and get him some water.
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42-35 win. >> cleveland heights. playing for the third time in school history. that is jim bowlman at the game. past to ward. and 20-0. just some happy fans. how about a 47-40. >> a little tie die action. hosting north ridgeival. 17-14, the tightens come out strong in the second half and a with rocket for the score extra point is no good take a 20-17 lead. they don't stop there. once again using his arm and langing
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take the 27 lead. >> on to lake wood. driving and fing fipshing it uf -- finishing it off. and on the move. party, and too soon? break its it away. 28-20 and they go
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight -- eddie murphy. from "stranger things" gaten matarazzo. and music from schoolboy q featuring e-40. and now, you know what? here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for watching. i'm glad you're here. i'm glad i'm here tonight. we have a great show for you.


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